Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not Writing but Blogging | Creative Writing Studies

Anthony Haynes writes: From time to time on this website we showcase blogs about writing. Here we introduce ?Not writing but blogging? by novelist and dramatist (and much else), Stella Duffy. The blog is wide-ranging: as well as ?writing? and ?theatre?, its categories include ?buddhism?, ?everything?, ?LGBT?, and ?London?.

Ms Duffy has kindly provided us with this description of ?Not writing but blogging?:

?This is an occasional blog in which I write about whatever is intriguing, irking, exciting or infuriating me. Sometimes all four.? I like to blog about the work I?m doing ? work that encompasses thirteen published novels, ten plays and almost fifty short stories to date; but also directing theatre, script editing and mentoring newer writers and performers. My blog is unashamedly political. I believe that writing is a political act ? and if it isn?t, it should be. I don?t believe in talent, I believe in working hard. I don?t believe in the muse, I believe in craft . Above all, I believe in the power of story ? to soothe us, change us, enlighten us, and to hold us. I believe that anyone can be a storyteller, there is no human culture that does not have a storytelling tradition of some sort.? I believe our work ? as writers, readers, teachers, human beings ? is to encourage and to understand story, both from ourselves and from others.?

I find ?Not writing but blogging? direct, engaged, and articulate. It has some great posts on writing ? see, for example ?Speaking about writing books, how it really is?.

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