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When it comes to video games, video cards are the foremost desktop or laptop parts that come to mind for most PC gamers. This is to be expected, of course, since video games are graphics-intensive programs after all.

Nevertheless, there are other computer components that also play a big part in bringing out the best in video games. When trying to choose the best laptop for your gaming needs, it pays to take note of all these for that true gaming experience.

Below is a rundown on all these gaming-essential laptop parts.

Let?s start with the most obvious, and arguably the most important. As stated, video games are quite the resource-eaters when it comes to graphics, necessitating the existence of GPUs (or video cards, if you prefer). Dedicated graphics processing units are an indelible piece of the computer puzzle if you want to run games, as they free up the CPU?s resources for the more pertinent stuff in keeping the computer functioning.

Being dedicated, programmers can focus all of a GPU?s resources in creating more detailed textures, higher draw distances, more nuanced shadow density gradations, more 3D-space polygon counts, and whatnot, essentially making game images as pretty as can be.

In choosing a gaming laptop, the general rule is to get one with the latest GPU installed, although there are instances when the higher-end releases of the previous GPU model series will give more bang for your buck than the early releases of the current series. Finding out if this is the case or not shouldn?t take you more than a few clicks searching through Google for the information.

More RAM increases the efficiency of your computer?s processing by giving the bits and bytes of data more pathways to travel on. Think of it like adding more lanes to a highway: The more there are, the less congested the roads will be, allowing for a faster and more efficient flow of traffic.

And more lanes are what your laptop will need if it is to handle all the graphical information doled out by the GPU. With graphical effects becoming more and more advanced and numerous with every gaming season, RAM cards have become as much a necessity as GPUs. Investing in these laptop parts should be a no-brainer.

When talking about a laptop?s clock speed, the CPU is the laptop component to focus on. CPUs are the brains of computers, and the faster that they are able to ?think,? the more efficient computers run. Games-wise, this means that there will be less time for graphics to load in between video game frames.

Finally, you also have to consider the output device through which all that graphical power will be displayed; that is, you have to think about the quality of your laptop?s LCD screen. This doesn?t just entail getting a laptop with as big a screen as possible (although size certainly shouldn?t be discounted), but also getting one that allows for a very high pixel count.

Computer images are, after all, just a bunch of pixels grouped together; and the more pixels are allowed to appear onscreen, the sharper the image will be.

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And there you go: The list of laptop components that are essential in gaming laptops. Of course, if you really want the best, go with the highest configurations of all four; but if you?re under a strict budget, the aforementioned laptop parts are already in order of importance from most to least.

Happy gaming!

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