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Home Redesigning Guidelines: Chair Rails for Visual Appeal and ...

Are you familiar with your own home like the palm of your hand? You will definitely point up to your roofing if you were questioned where the rain gutters are. But what if an individual stated that your "chair rails" look worn out and ought to be replaced, would you find out where to look or even have an idea of what he's raving about? Before you incorrectly turn your gaze in the direction of your chairs, you need to be aware that chair rails are the horizontal strips of ornamental molding in your home that run along the interior walls.

Chair rails, also known as dado rails, are mostly installed for aesthetic reasons but appear to have a handy purpose. They protect walls, specifically ones constructed from plaster, from getting scratched or damaged by the back of chairs. Consequently, these rails are put in areas of your house where chairs are ordinarily present like in kitchen areas and dining areas.


If you suppose your home could gain from chair rails, affixing them yourself is fairly effortless. Generally, there are just four actions involved: (1) measuring and marking a level line, (2) cutting the molding, (3) affixing it to the wall, and (4) smoothing the surface and applying a good layer of paint. Of course, similar to most do-it-yourself tasks, putting in chair rails needs rudimentary carpentry abilities and tools.


Establishing the correct height is a widespread issue among homeowners who preferred to fit a wood, polyurethane, or marble chair rail by themselves. When figuring out how high to install your chair rails, bear in mind the height of the chairs in the room, of the counters, and the ceiling. Their height usually is between 32 to 40 inches from the floor or, in particular situations where you have chairs with really high backs, one-third of the overall height of the wall.


Because chair rails are also a significant part of interior decoration, they are available in a variety of types and styles to match the theme of nearly every home. You can select the simple but classic elegance of a travertine chair rail or get costly but sophisticated carved wood chair rails. The fact is, a lot of home decorators opt for chair rails that can complement the furniture pieces, the wallpaper, and even the window treatments.

If you're searching for a place to get chair rails, shops of tile suppliers or home improvement stores may be your best choice. Apart from chair rails, they will also possibly have marble tiles for sale plus all the tools and products required for you to mount them. You may find out more about these handy home features at

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