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How's Your Online Strategy: A Social Media Marketing Self ...

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Social media presents one of the most effective and affordable outlets for digital marketing. To help you gauge the effectiveness of your company?s online marketing, here are a few questions that will guide you through a social media marketing self-assessment. These questions can help you to audit your current social media efforts and determine whether your organization is doing everything it can to be successful.

Question: What does our company want to accomplish through social media?

Insights: Has your organization drafted a social media plan or policy with a mission statement outlining your major goals? If not, then you may be lost in the world of social media marketing. A social media strategy requires goals and a deep understanding of your own brand and what you want to accomplish online.

Question: How will we measure our success?
Insights: Since social media marketing is relatively low coast, many business owners neglect to measure their relative success with posting updates and reaching new customers. Take advantage of built-in metrics like Facebook Insights and install Google?s free Analytics plugin for your business site to measure incoming traffic from social sites. At least once per year, re-assess your social media efforts using the results gathered from these and other analytical tools.

Question: What will we share on our networks?

Insights: Create a unified and branded social media presence by deciding ahead of time on a voice and editorial strategy. A business social media account should share non-promotional, third-party content more than its own sales-oriented content. Come up with an editorial plan to successful find and share content online to increase the number of ?friends? and ?followers? you have.

Question: How much time and money can we invest in social media marketing?

Insights: Sure, social media marketing is basically free, but it does require a considerable time and labor investment. The most successful companies will set aside working hours for certain employees to contribute to social media marketing. Most social networks have paid promotions for businesses to take advantage of, so research those options and set a budget for any paid social marketing.

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