Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Donation from jizackson - Donations - ADK= Gaming Community

Welcome to the =ADK= Gaming Community Website. Take a second to read this if it's your first time seeing this pop-up.

Purchase our BRAND NEW Shirts by visiting the =ADK= Store HERE

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If you've found us from one of our 5 Battlefield 3 Servers than we are glad you've stopped by! Sign Up and join us for some fun!

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=ADK= Battlefield 3 Platoon - Click Here (Currently Full)
2nd Battlefield 3 Platoon - Click Here (Currently Full)
3rd Battlefield 3 Platoon - Click Here

Enjoy our BF3 Servers? You can help keep our servers running by donating HERE. Our servers run off donations only, so any donation helps keep our great servers running.

We are always recruiting and always looking for new members to join our Community!

If you're joining us from TF2 we are pleased you stopped by as well!

  • We're ALWAYS recruiting
  • Always looking for more ideas to put into the community
  • Looking for admins
  • Join us in our Team Speak Server - TS.ADKGamers.COM:3796

We look forward to seeing you all on our game servers and on the forums! Thanks for your interest in the =ADK= Gaming Community!

If you're seeing this pop-up it either means you're not logged in or you're not registered.

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