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Many seniors need some assistance in a few areas of their lives, especially during the Holidays when one can find extra chores and tasks to do. Their independence may vary from task to task depending on their physical abilities and capabilities. Most seniors want to maintain some feeling of independence despite their limitations. A caregiver, coming from a quality home care company such as, can provide assistance in the areas that are lacking while supporting the senior in accomplishing other tasks themselves.

The Holiday tasks that a caregiver might help assist in include:

  • Installing Christmas decorations indoors and outdoors
  • Cooking Christmas dinner and baking holiday desserts
  • Shopping for loved ones and wrapping gifts
  • Seasonal maintenance such as shoveling the driveway

Decorating for the Holidays

Setting up decorations around the home and outdoors can be hazardous to any adult, not to mention seniors who may have varying degrees of self-sustenance. ? A reliable caregiver can help seniors with simple holiday tasks throughout the house such as trimming the Christmas tree, hanging tinsel and streamers, setting out traditional decorations and hanging stockings on the hearth. More complicated tasks such as setting up the tree or hanging lights outside the home could possibly be undertaken entirely by the caregiver, or they might enlist the help of the senior depending on how capable they are. Caregivers can call people like these to arrange for carpet cleaning for the holiday season.

Cooking for Christmas

All the work involved in baking and preparing a big Holiday meal usually involves a lot more effort than doing normal every day tasks in the kitchen. Many seniors need the help from a caregiver to prepare the Holiday meal. A caregiver could actually help prepare simple recipes say for example a homemade cranberry sauce, or they will often help bake cookies and decorate them festively. Seniors who are still very active may host Christmas dinner for their family, and a caregiver can offer assistance with this.

Assistance with Holiday Gift-Giving

For those seniors who have trouble leaving the house on their own, a caregiver can help them shop for and find the perfect gifts for their family members. ? Caregivers might arrange transportation to the store and accompany the senior to assist them to find and purchase gifts. Additionally they might help wrap gifts and write out gift tags and greeting cards.

As discussed previously, seniors may need help performing the main Holiday chores and tasks. Other important seasonal tasks include shoveling the driveway and removing ice from treacherous walkways, which many senior care candidates can?t do by themselves. Working with a reputable home health care provider is a good way to locate a caregiver who will help with all these seasonal tasks as well as everyday tasks that happen to be year-round. Having dependable care in the home is important for the safety of the senior who is not fully independent, especially in the Christmas season.


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