Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Toronto Housing Market-Condos More Affordable ? Toronto Real ...

M5V Condos King Street

M5V Condos King Street

Many investors from around the world wonder about Canada?s housing market and why it is different, especially from the United States housing market.

A recent Scotiabank report quelled some of the anxiety investors have concerning Canada and the hot housing markets of Toronto and Vancouver.

Why is our housing market different?

  • Interest rates to remain low
  • Household debt appears to be cooling
  • Strong Canadian dollar
  • Regulatory tightening in lending practises
  • Record high rate of home ownership
  • Increase in the demand for Condos
  • Canadians have more home equity
  • Canadians have more Real Estate assets
  • Economic shocks do not hit all cities at the same time

Canada?s banks are still strongly capitalized and Canadians do not default when home prices correct.

In Toronto there is a continuing strong demand for Condos because they are more affordable, offer downtown locations to choose from and there is a growing trend to urban intensification.

Pictured above: M5V Condos For Sale

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