Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to build a list - Three Methods on How To Build a List

by Rory T Watson
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How to build a list More Details about How to build a list here.

The first method is Social Bookmarking. What exactly does this mean? Well it is where people instead of saving something they have found on the web in their own browser they save it in a publically accessible site. This way other people can see what they have saved and comment on it, but also bookmark it. The more bookmarks something has the more popular it is. To use this for marketing you need to post some quality content onto the various bookmarking sites such as stumbleupon, digg, delicious, technorati etc. In the content include a link to your site and a call to action. Various people will read it and then hopefully bookmark it and your links will be seen by quite a number of people.

The second method is You Tube. This is a video-sharing site, which is immensely popular. What is interesting about this site is that it is owned by Google, so you will often find that You Tube videos rank very highly in this particular search engine. Your video does not have to be long, often the shorter ones will do better -- say two or three minutes. You can then brand your video to add your website on to it and a call to action.

The last, but not least method is using online giveaways. These can easily be found by doing a search in your favorite search engine for JV online giveaways. JV stands for joint venture. What you do is post your "free gift" and a link to your optin page. The idea is that every member who posts then lets their list know about the giveaway, thus you can build a list very fast. If you do not have a list to promote to you can post adverts on craigslist or forums. This is a good method to build a list.

By now I hope you are brimming with ideas on how to build a list. There are plenty of other methods some of which I will be covering in upcoming articles. To build a quality list that will stay with you and buy from you takes time and effort, no one method is a magic bullet. So here's to your luck and I hope you stick with it and see the results you want.

I have been an internet marketer for a couple of years and can honestly say it can take a couple of months to start to see any real results for all the effort you put in. If you are interested in learning other aspects of Internet Marketing and various tools that can make the job easier then check out The Internet Business Tools Blog

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More Details about How to build a list here. How to build a list

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