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Q&A: if the foreigner comes to invest/ dig gold, fellow countrymen keep

FAQ: if the foreigner comes to invest/ dig gold, fellow countrymen keep leaving, whoes false?

waiting for details from u all?..
foreign investments actually dig the gold(descriptive words) out of ur country besides creating some jobs, while ur countrymen try to find high pay jobs/ sources of income in other countries. this phenomenes happen in many asian pacific countries, is that the government?s false or thei citizen?
foreign invester make sure there is ?gold to be excavated? before they bring in their money, why the riches in that country can?t follow suit, instead their citizens have to look for employments in other countire? suggest solution if you may??
In most Asian Pacific countires, ?gold-digging? means deprive/ exploit of certain benefits or properties etc. not necessarily be gold or other minerals (some countries do have oil) but the locals still have to leave their families and countries. As the saying go:?the family that pray together, stay together? yet it seems to be an unreachable dreams for them. hope this clarify something?


A country?s economy is not a zero sum game where some must lose when others gain.

Investors ? whether foreign or local ? and people in general attempt to maximize their wealth or income.

The mining industry requires capital and expertise, which often initially are brought to a country by foreign investors.

Mining is capital intensive rather than labor intensive, so developing (expanding) mining activities cannot absorb the increase in the labor pool coming about due to population growth and due to migration from countryside to towns and cities. But it can employ some people and earn foreign exchange to a country ? which is good.

However, in many developing countries skilled and well-educated people can earn more money by going abroad. The therefore have a tendency to leave (for work) while sending money back to support the families.

It is not a question of somebody being right or somebody being wrong.

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