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Search All ? A Windows 8 App to search anything right from the Metro Screen

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Have you ever wondered searching for any item right from the Windows 8 metro Interface? With the launch of Windows 8, the metro interface has come to limelight and is well appreciated by many users. There are lots of stuffs that we search around in Internet and most essentially searching is what commonly done in web. Users might be wondering for an app that will search all your needs directly from the Modern interface itself, especially the Windows 8 tab users. Keeping that in mind developers have developed a freeware which allows you to search for any item right from the metro screen.

search all

Search All is what we are talking about. This Modern UI App can be downloaded for free from the Windows 8 Apps Store and allows you to search many web services like Google, Yahoo, IMDB, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and many more, directly from the metro screen.

To get started with the search with Search All in Windows 8, firstly install. Once the App is launched, you can see a unified search box with different online app icons lined up one after another below it.

Next, type in your search and hit the corresponding service icons that are lined up below the search box. For instance, you want to read movie reviews, type in the name of the movie and click on IMDB.

searchall idmb

The app will start searching IMDB and displays the search results itself. More interestingly you don?t have to open browser to read reviews and if further if you are interested to see the trailer for the movie you can click on YouTube along with the related videos and all this can be accomplished in one interface.

search all youtube

Additionally, this app doesn?t stores any of your search history, so there is no risk to your privacy. This App search irrespective of what the item typed is.

If you are Windows 8 tablets user then you got to try this out, desktop users too can enjoy the app to search anything from anywhere directly from the start screen or say metro screen with Search All in Windows 8.


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