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125 Niche Fashion Blog Ideas | IFB

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Do you know your niche?

Honing in on a niche for your blog can be difficult in the very general topic of fashion. Fashion is a glamorous, beautiful topic, and it?s hard to decide which direction to take when there are so many avenues to explore. However, it?s becoming more and more evident that niche bloggers have a better chance of monetizing because they tend to attract dedicated audiences.

That said, not all niches monetize equally. Some are easier ie, a luxury handbag niche is easier to monetize than a thrift store styling niche. Don?t be discouraged! With some creative, out of the box thinking you can monetize just about any niche.

126 Fashion Blog Ideas

This is just a short list of niches for inspirational purposes only. A brainstorm of sorts, they?re not even in a particular order! It?s a list to get your creative mind thinking about how to position your blog, or how to start a new blog with a niche in mind. I personally started with a goal of 30 niches, and it quickly expanded beyond that. The sky is really the limit! Mix, match and create your own niche!

  • Handbags: Luxury
  • Handbags: Contemporary
  • Handbags: Sale
  • Shoes: Womens
  • Shoes: Mens
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Lingerie: New
  • Lingerie: Vintage
  • Hats: New
  • Hats: Vintage
  • Hats: Avant-garde/Designer
  • Eyewear
  • Work wear: Corporate
  • Work wear: Creative
  • Work wear: Corporate Mens
  • Workwear: Plus size
  • Workwear: Maternity
  • Luxury Fashion
  • Contemporary Fashion
  • Mass market Fashion
  • High Street/Fast Fashion
  • Thrifted
  • Luxury for less
  • Sustainable Style
  • Sustainable Style News
  • Ethical Style
  • Independent Designers
  • Local Designers
  • Local Shopping
  • Online Shopping
  • Sample Sales
  • Online Shopping Sales
  • Lookbooks & Previews
  • Runway Fashion Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Runway Trends
  • Runway to ?real way? / Catwalk to Sidewalk
  • Music Fashion
  • Cinema Fashion
  • Television Fashion
  • Fashion in Literature
  • Fashion in Art
  • DIY: Fashion Trends
  • DIY: Runway
  • DIY: Crafting
  • Upcycled Fashion
  • Sewing Tutorials
  • Knitting/Crochet Tutorials
  • Handmade Fashion
  • Denim: Women?s Premium
  • Denim: Men?s Premium
  • Denim Style
  • Denim DIY
  • Street Style: Fashion Weeks
  • Street Style: Local
  • Street Style: Mens
  • Street Style: Womens
  • Street Style: Plus Size
  • Street Style: Age Focused (ie. 20?s, 30?s, 40?s, etc)
  • Street Style: Events, Music, Clubs
  • Fashion History
  • Textile History
  • Fashion News
  • Fashion Technology
  • Fashion Social Media
  • Fashion Business
  • Fashion PR
  • Fashion Design Education
  • Personal Style: Shopping
  • Personal Style: Straight Sizes
  • Personal Style: Plus Sizes
  • Personal Style: Maternity
  • Personal Style: Petites
  • Personal Style: Tall
  • Personal Style: Menswear
  • Personal Style: ?Every day?
  • Personal Style: Avant-garde
  • Personal Style: High School
  • Personal Style: College
  • Personal Style: Age Focused (ie. 20?s, 30?s, 40?s, etc)
  • Personal Style: Modest
  • Special Occasion Style
  • Wedding Style: Designer
  • Wedding Style: DIY
  • Wedding Style: Alternative/Niche
  • Wedding Style: Sustainable
  • Lifestyle Style, ie. Preppy, Active, Urban, Artist, etc.
  • Beauty + Style
  • Food + Style
  • Cocktails + Style
  • Nail Art + Style
  • Interior Design + Style
  • Entertaining + Style
  • Floral Design + Style
  • Art + Style
  • Design + Style
  • ____________ + Style
  • Trend hunting/predicting
  • Lifestyle Fashion Photography
  • Editorial Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Photography Tutorials
  • Fashion Models
  • Fashion Model Industry
  • Fashion Model Tutorials
  • Fashion Designer News
  • Fashion Commentary
  • Fashion Feminism
  • Fashion Body Image
  • Celebrity Fashion: Paparazzi, Red Carpet, etc
  • Celebrity Fashion: Where to Get It/Shopping
  • Celebrity Fashion: Trends
  • Vintage Fashion: Contemporary Style
  • Vintage Fashion: Retro Style
  • Vintage Fashion History
  • Vintage Fashion Shopping
  • Vintage Fashion Photography
  • Replica Vintage Fashion
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Personal Style Illustrated
  • Fashion Illustration Tutorials
  • Fashion Illustration History
  • Animated GIF Fashion
  • Fashion Memes
  • Fashion Humor
  • Styling: Personal
  • Styling: Editorial


What niche suggestions do you have?

Do share!

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