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Code In The Cpp Or H File? - C And C++ | Dream.In.Code

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    #1 ferguson32 ?Icon User is offline

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    Posted Today, 04:59 PM

    I'm new to C++ and I'm not sure which file I code in. I thought it would be the cpp file but the h file says the class name and looks like where I should code. Just to get it started I need to initialize a Date object in the default constructor. Any help would be great.

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    #2 ferguson32 ?Icon User is offline

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    Re: Code in the cpp or h file?

    Posted Today, 05:39 PM

    I have this in the .cpp file:
#include "Date.h" #include <string> #include <iostream> using namespace std;   Date::Date(string date) 	:newDate(date) { 	date = "Jan 1, 2000"; }  Date::Date(int month, int day, int year) 	:newMonth(month) 	newDay(day) 	newYear(year)  {  }  Date::~Date(void) { }
This is my .h file:  #pragma once #include <iostream> #include <string>  class Date { public: 	explicit Date(std::string date);   private: 	std::string newDate; 	 	~Date(void); };

    The default constructor is ti create a date object at Jan, 1 2000. The second constructor is to take three arguments (month, day, year) that initializes the Date object to the parameter values. Is this on the right track?

    #3 Skydiver ?Icon User is online

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    Re: Code in the cpp or h file?

    Posted Today, 05:56 PM

    First, I'll tell you what future employers and teachers want to see: Unless you are writing a template class, keep the declaration of the class in the header file, and put all the implementation in your .cpp file. If it is a relatively simple template class, you can have your code mixed in with the class declaration. If it's a complex template class, then again keep the declaration in the header file, but have the implementation in a .inc file which is included by the header.

    Unfortunately, after being exposed to C#, I don't practice what I preached above, because I hate having to retype function parameters twice. Instead of following the strict separation of declaration and implementation, I usually determine whether the class I am writing needs to be exposed to other compile units. If the answer is yes, then of course the declaration goes into the header file and the implementation will go into a .cpp file. If the class is actually only used locally within the compile unit and not shared outside of it, then I mix in the implementation with the class declaration in my .cpp file.

    #4 ferguson32 ?Icon User is offline

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    Re: Code in the cpp or h file?

    Posted Today, 06:24 PM

    Ok thank you. Can you help me out with my second post regarding the constructors?

    #5 #define ?Icon User is offline

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    Re: Code in the cpp or h file?

    Posted Today, 07:49 PM

    Usually when a Date class is designed the day, month and year are held as integer variables. The second constructor's parameters suggests that this is your instructor's intention.

    The term default constructor is often used to refer to a parameter-less constructor.

    So your first constructor function has a string parameter and therefore incorrect.

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