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Felipe Adan Lerma - Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialists ...

May 28, 2012 by Greg B.

Title: Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialties

Author: Felipe Adan Lerma

ISBN: asin: B006GP0JUO

Page count: eBook

Genre: Nursing, Poetry

Price: $3.99


Author Bio:

Born and raised in Texas, and now a young senior living in Vermont, his wife Sheila?s home state, Adan brings a gentle infusion of yoga and fitness to bear on life long interests in writing, painting, dance, photography, and the arts in general.

Determined to learn about the ideas of Western Culture that have informed our civilization, Adan put himself through college with the help of his GI Bill benefits. More recently, he has added certifications in fitness and yoga.

His self stated mission on his website, reads, ?a Beginner?s View : Integrating Yoga Fitness and the Arts.?


M.A. Humanities, University of Houston Clear Lake

M.A. English Lit, University of Houston Clear Lake

B.A. Theatre Arts, University of Houston Clear Lake

AFAA ? Group Fitness Certification

CPR/AED ? American Heart Association

Zumba ? Zumba & Zumba Gold Licensed

SilverSneakers ? MSROM (Muscular Strength & Range of Motion); Cardio Circuit; Yoga Stretch ? Stress Reduction

Yoga 200 Hr CYT ? Lex Gillan, The Yoga Institute


Tell us about your book:

Nearly twenty years of poetry writing is represented in this full edition of six dozen nursing, doctors, and medical / health specialists poems.

Though not in the direct healing arts myself, after graduation from the University of Houston-Clear Lake, I started work as an arts / recreation person, helping patients on a locked nursing floor.

University of Houston Clear Lake was a great college, where I was able to build my own arts and humanities program. Then, in Galveston, in my first job after college, in helping people through the arts at UTMB, I gained an invaluable unique creative learning experience.

My own degrees, from the University of Houston Clear Lake, and other studies in the arts and fitness, have added much I have enjoyed integrating and blending in my work.

Humor and appreciation alternate and permeate in many my poems, such as in the sample poems below, ?Home Health Nurse? and ?xxxxxxxx?

My dad needed a lot of care at home his last few years, and the various nurses and therapists that came by were always a welcome warm sight. A very needed sight.

Other titles include, Nursing, School Nurse, Family Practitioner, M.D., Caregiver, E.M.T., Respiratory Therapist, and Volunteer.

A small group of inspirational poems are also included.


How long did it take to write the book?

As with my other collections of poems dating from the 90s through today, I feel my description for my other two books highlighted here on the Indie Spotlight equally applies :

It almost feels like cheating, but, almost two decades? ;-) That?s because there are many poems from the early 90s, a few in the 2000s, and newer work continuing today.

But most poems, individually, would range from a few hours, to through-out the day, to sometimes more rarely time over several days.

Of the poems I like best, from years ago to now, most but not all of them were written very quickly.? Some in one draft.

I feel those paragraphs apply to almost everything I?ve written, in any field or topic, in the past, and today.? I?m not sure if that?s ?good? or not, but it?s the way I create. ;-)


What inspired you to write the book?

In the 90s, when my wife Sheila and I were doing our Mall and Arts shows, setting up booths or kiosks, it wasn?t long before someone asked if I had a nursing poem, usually for a daughter or mom.

Once I had one nursing poem, I realized that, like my other poems, I would need variations.? Humorous, serious, and eventually, more poems more specific to specialized nurses, like Home Health Nurses.

Empathy can take a person a long ways in life, and in writing, much the same is true.? Plus I?ve always felt a kinship between the teaching and nursing fields, so that made it easier to talk with people in the nursing fields and write a variety of poems.

In the samples at the end of the Spotlight, I?ll post both the Home Health Nurse poem, which has always been well liked, plus another.


Talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?

Since I wrote all topics of poems side by side, the human spirit being the same spirit whether bowling or teaching or acting or helping another person, I think it?d actually be an injustice to not say some of what I?ve said about other collections of my work.

During the 90s, when we were very active in setting up booths and kiosks in malls and other selling events, I would write between customers.? After a few years (for nearly a decade) this got to be a really pleasant routine I looked forward to.

But the shows became harder and harder to do physically, due to some injuries and just slowing down with age i guess. ;-)

So writing new work suffered in the 2000s, though a few pieces, mostly either in the family or love categories, still got written.

Then, as we entered 2010, and the kindle came out, and the ability to present work opened back up for us, new work started pouring out again, like floodgates being carefully re-opened.

Oh, and to answer regarding research ? most of our poems are self-expressive from our own personal experience, but two things allowed a broader range of poems to be written.

One, simply empathy.? Learning to extrapolate our own experiences to variances similar but not exactly like ours.? Such as from the point of view (pov) of a younger or older person, or different gender.

Two, and here i diverge a bit, if a person asked us for a writing for someone close to them, and that person was, say, a nurse practitioner, we talked with that person then and there, and were able to get immediate feedback about how they felt about that type of nursing, and how it both differed or was the same as other types of nursing.

So now, we have hundreds of poems, on many many topics and occupations.? Nursing poems have been among our most satisfying to create.


What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?

With my nursing, doctors, and medical specialist poems, a couple of important things.

One, of course, an appreciation, a sincere deep celebration, of the human spirit to help, of the effort to learn and apply such vital precise knowledge, with an artistry for the uniqueness of each person.

Two, a recognition, by the reader, that one does not need to be of an activity or profession directly, to find the point of empathy that enables, I think, anyone who wishes, to be able to tap into what people have in common, and write, not only poems for a profession like nursing, but most anything that we as people seem to enjoy doing.

How well, those efforts by any one of us are, including myself, succeed, will vary, but also indicate to ourselves, where and how we may want to grown and expand within.


Where can we go to buy your book?

?Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialists? is available at :

Amazon :


Any other links or info you?d like to share??

Amazon Books Author Page

eBook Page ? All Available Titles


Excerpt from book:

Two poems, ?Home Health Nurse? and ?Nursing? give a nice view of a specific and a general nursing poem from the collection.

A third poem, ?Medical Unit Coordinator? is popular example from the Medical Health Specialists section.

I hope you enjoy them. Thank you much. ;-)


Home Health Nurse

Patient advocate

par excellence -


each person

whatever?s needed

to remain independent

within one?s home.

Organized in time -

Knowledgeable in technique -

Braving all

weather, pets and relatives

to deliver

the best

of home care nursing.

?? 1997-2012 adam light creations / adan lerma





Your career in nursing has

brought out all the best in you.

You?ve bloomed into a complex

caretaker presenting so simply

the heart to care plus a mind to

understand and instruct us.

Yours, is a dexterity of touch -

swift and sure to heal when needed.

Lingering and warm when requested.

Even if silently asked for with open

or shut eyes.? And you lavish on us

that most precious of life?s

commodities, the one that

cannot be bought or sold ?

your quality time.

?? 1994-2012 adam light creations / adan lerma



Medical Unit Coordinator

A balancing act-

in the middle of it all.

Following doctors? orders,

responding to patients? needs,

helping friends and family,

with courtesy and care.

Going from phone to computer

to wherever needed

?in a whirl of constant change.

The unit coordinator is the focal point,

from which it is all pulled together

with efficiency and ease-

tending to the all-important ?details?

that make a health care facility run smoothly

and turn a group of trained individuals

into a productive team of professionals.

?? 1998-2012 adam light creations / adan lerma

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