Monday, April 2, 2012

Easy Appetizer Recipes To Delight Your Guests

I just love appetizers, don?t you? I often end up eating too much of these tasty morsels and don?t have much room for the main course.

The dictionary definition of ?appetizer? is??small amount of food or drink to stimulate an appetite?. Well, I don?t know about you, but these nibbles certainly get my tastebuds a-dancing!

At really fancy parties you may see staff offering trays of pretty Hors D?oeuvres or Canapes. Canapes (pronounced can-a-pays) are basically a cracker, piece of bread or pastry with a savory something on top.

What could be easier? All you need to do is spread a cracker with some cream cheese, place a wee piece of smoked salmon on that, then top with a teensy piece of green onion to make it look pretty.

Honestly, there are so many combinations you could use, but I want to get you to think of combinations you like.

So, you don?t have to go out if your way to make great appetizers. Nope. Here?s some easy suggestions, to get you thinking?

  • Make sandwiches, then use cookie cutters to cut them into neat shapes, add a cocktail stick to keep them together.
  • Push a combination of cheese cubes, veggies, fruit, etc. onto cocktail sticks and stick them into halved potatoes covered in tin foil.
  • Offer a selection of Chips and Dips
  • Make up a tray of veggies cut into sticks, arrange in a circle, place a bowl of dip in the center

From veggie trays to hot wings, from dips to meatballs, from antipasto to tapas the possibilities for appetizers are pretty endless. Everyone seems to have their own versions of these delicious pre-meal snacks.

My Sister-in-law is the Appetizer Queen, (not to mention the ?Party Queen?)! She always serves the best appetizers and more often than not they are totally wiped out in no time. I?ve been begging for her best recipes so I can share them with you. You?ll find out more about those later?

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