Friday, April 6, 2012

'Voice' contestant Tony delivers his own baby

By Sean Daly, contributor

Tony Vincent is a real ?hands on? dad.

The Broadway actor -- and member of Team Adam on NBC?s ?The Voice? -- even assisted in the at home birth of his first child this week.

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?We actually had a water birth,? he told? exclusively.

Vincent and his wife, Aspen, who met while performing together in the Las Vegas cast of ?We Will Rock You? in 2004, welcomed their daughter Sadie Day (7 lbs., 8 oz.) just after 1 a.m. PT on April 3 -- her actual due date!

?It was a really long, painful labor for my wife," the singer said. "But to just see (the baby) come up from the water, bright eyed and unaffected by the medicine that is sometimes used to help labor was amazing. I was there to catch the baby and bring her up into Aspen?s arms. We basically did two months of classes together, so that I could be (my wife's) support structure during the entire labor period."

Because of the pregnancy, Vincent and his family have been permitted to live in a temporary corporate apartment, while the remaining singers in the competition are required to bunk up at a luxury hotel near Warner Brothers studios in Burbank, Calif., he said.

Vincent, 39, is one of 12 contestants scheduled to perform on Monday night?s live performance episode of ?The Voice.?

Though best known for his roles in musical theatre, Vincent -- who made his Broadway debut in ?Rent? -- released two mainstream CDs during a brief deal with EMI Records. ?

?My goal was to pursue a much more mainstream rock and roll deal,? he said. ??I have felt for along time that I want to return back to being a singer-songwriter for a period of time. I will go back to Broadway.? But I want to make the right choices about why to go back and when I am ready to go back.?

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