Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who Was Steve Jobs?

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Sunday, December 25, 2011
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Christmas Weekend Highlights: Apple's eventful 2011 in review; saying fresh despite turmoil is how Apple fared the year; folks using iOS dominate online shopping; frustrated over trying to build a digital recipe library? You're not alone; Woot offers $150 off an entry-level iMac, tells a humorous tale of the deal; Fortune, The Register recap Apple vs. Android in 2011, Chloe Albanesius of PC Magazine rewinds 2011 looking at Apple's highs, lows, Steve Jobs' passing; customer satisfaction is why Apple's iPad leads; when it comes to online shoppers/traffic, Apple outguns giants like Walmart, the NY Times, even eBay; a Fortune slideshow highlights how Steve Jobs changed the world; iTunes Match now available in 17 countries; bring back the OS 9 sliding folder tabs in OS X with Tab Launcher; UK's Telegraph tech prediction for 2012 include a real Apple TV; beware, hackers can intercept crash reports when your iPhone sends them in; 90% of mobile purchases were made on iPhones, iPads; 500 iPads to become "official instrument of lawmaking" in Poland; back in 2010, Steve Jobs spelled out reasons for Apple to not build a TV set; how long will MAME, a new arcade emulator last on the App Store?; new stat shows Apple sells 925 iPhones every 60 seconds; MacRumors offers some PDF printouts of exactly what a 7.85" iPad would look/feel like; rumor mill a-churnin' with iPhone 5 arriving in May with iOS 6, A6 chip, and another analyst splashes cold water on 7" iPads in 2012; Macworld reviews Find My Friends iApp, says it does what it says; you can recalibrate the home button on your iDevice; PC Magazine tips for keeping your iPhone safe amidst holiday distractions; The Next Web urges Nintendo to develop games for iOS.

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Sun Dec 25
"Who Was Steve Jobs?" New York Review of Books 7:50 AM

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  • "Reg review of 2011: Jobs, floaters and 90,000 tons of radioactive water"?The Register?12/24
  • "Apple's Grand Central public toilet distortion field"?Fortune?12/24
  • "iMAME app gets pulled from iTunes app store"?Engadget?12/24
  • "iMame arcade emulator yanked from the App Store"?TiPb?12/24
  • "Apple's TV spots featuring Santa Claus using his iPhone's Siri is named the No.1 holiday ad for 2011"?New York Daily News?12/23
  • "Apple's Santa TV spot deemed best ad of holiday season"?AppleInsider?12/23
  • "Technology predictions for 2012: The birth of Apple TV and failure of Google+ are among the technology team's predictions for 2012"?Telegraph?12/23
  • "Hackers intercept iPhone crash Reports"?GMA News?12/23
  • "Study: Apple's iPhone, iPad account for 90 percent of mobile purchases"?GigaOM?12/23
  • "Apple's iPad still beating Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet in sales"?Washington Post [Free Registration Required]?12/23
  • "Apple Flexes Bargaining Power With Carriers For Fat iPhone Margins"?Forbes?12/23
  • "Apple iPad and ebook readers again define the year on The Mobile Gadgeteer"?ZDNet?12/23
  • "Sejm wants to buy 500 tablets. The savings: Seimas closed the tender for the purchase of tablets for Members. Poland is one of the first countries in Europe, where the iPad will be the official instrument of lawmaking."?Google Polish-to-English: wyborcza?12/23
  • "Video: Steve Jobs on TV's go-to-market problem/He laid out the reasons NOT to build an Apple television at All Things D in 2010"?Fortune?12/23
  • "Peek Into Store's Wi-Fi Network Finds 335 Devices"?ifoAppleStore?12/23
  • "Arcade emulator MAME slips under Apple radar"?The Register?12/23
  • "Lost iPhone? iMessages might be sent to new 'owner'"?CBS?12/23
  • "Every 60 seconds: Apple sells 925 iPhones, 2 million people watch online porn, more"?BGR?12/23
  • "iPhone Case Gift Guide: A Case to Suit Any Personality" [Slideshow]?Techland?12/23
  • "NORAD brings Santa -- and elf tossing -- to iPads, iPhones, Android devices"?Network World?12/23
Non-Apple News
  • "GoDaddy Drops SOPA Support, But Not As Such"?TidBITS?12/23
  • "The CIO's lament: 20-something techies who quit after 1 year/Harry Fox Agency's IT chief discusses how hard it is to retain younger IT professionals, especially Java programmers"?Network World?12/23
  • "Razer Delays Gaming Laptop -- But Sweetens Release"?PCWorld?12/23
  • "No Ice Cream Sandwich For Galaxy S And Galaxy Tab, Says Samsung"?TechCrunch?12/23
  • "Republic Wireless Scraps Data Restrictions"?PCWorld?12/23
  • "RIM Counters Charge of 'Lying' About BlackBerry 10 Delay"?PC Magazine?12/23
  • "Insurance Against Cyber Attacks Expected to Boom"?New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required]?12/23
  • "Facebook fails to deliver on 'social shopping' this holiday season"?Financial Times [Free Registration Required]?12/23
  • "With Home Entertainment Sales Spiraling Downward, Movie Studios Turn to UltraViolet"?Forbes?12/23
  • "Raspberry Pi ?16 computer project nears lift-off"?ZDNet UK?12/23
  • "Bare bones Raspberry Pi PC gets ready to launch"?BBC?12/23
  • "In Japan, seat sensors that can recognize you"?CNET News?12/23
  • "AU Optronics taps display chief Peng president"?MarketWatch?12/23
  • "Say goodbye to Google's App Inventor: Google has reminded its users that the flagship platform to allow anyone to create an Android app will permanently shut down at the end of the year."?TG Daily?12/23
  • "Here Comes Google's Christmas (Er, Holiday) Greetings"?AllThingsD?12/23
  • "Retailers Try to Thwart Price Apps"? [Paid Membership Required]?12/23
  • " Facial recognition for the masses"?CNNMoney?12/23
  • "Gear Guide: Products we'd like to see"?Macworld?12/24
  • "Gene Steinberg meets cutting-edge commentator Daniel Eran Dilger and Laptop magazine's Avram Piltch this week on The Tech Night Owl LIVE"?The Tech Night Owl LIVE?12/23
  • "Selena Gomez talks tech with TUAW"?TUAW?12/23
  • "Iphone Maker Foxconn's Entry Into Solar May Cut Industry Margins"?Bloomberg?12/24
  • "Talk of the Day -- iPad3 to be launched on Steve Jobs' birthday?"?Focus Taiwan?12/23
  • "Report claims Asian suppliers scramble to meet special iPad 3 launch date: Jobs' Feb. 24 birthday anniversary"?9 to 5 Mac?12/23
  • "Rumor: Apple Aiming For iPad 3 Release Date Of February 24th 2012"?Apple Bitch?12/23
  • "Report: Apple Launching iPad 3 on Steve Jobs's Birthday"?PC Magazine?12/23
  • "Storage talk of 2011: Apple takes control/Though not a storage vendor, Apple had arguably the biggest influence on consumer-grade storage products during 2011."?CNET News?12/23
  • "iMessages going to stolen iPhones? There may be a fix in the works"?Ars Technica?12/23
  • "Revamped iPhone 5 in Mid-2012, iPad 3 But No 'Mini' Tablet Next Year, Analyst Says"?ITProPortal?12/23
  • "2012 iPad Roadmap: Don't Expect a 7-Incher"?AllThingsD?12/23
  • "Apple Set to Disappoint Those Hoping for a 7-Inch iPad in 2012"?Minyanville?12/23
  • "Apple viewed as unlikely to launch 7-inch iPad in 2012"?AppleInsider?12/23
  • "Apple is Granted 12 Design Patents in China and More"?Patently Apple?12/23
  • "Apple Posits Fuel-Cell Powered Laptops"?Techland?12/23
  • "Apple files patent for long-life fuel cell"?CNET News?12/23
  • "Apple is researching fuel cell powered computers"?ExtremeTech?12/23
  • "Apple Files Patents for Fuel Cell Computers"?NewsFactor?12/23
  • "Apple Share of Ultrabooks to Shrink, Time Machine Glitch When Restoring to New Drive, and More"?Low End Mac?12/23
  • "Anti-Piracy Legislation Could Wreck the Internet, AppleCare a Bad Choice, Ivy Bridge Prices, and More"?Low End Mac?12/23
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  • "Starfront -Collision For iPhone Is $0.99 Right Now (Previously $4.99)"?Apple Sliced?12/24
  • "DOOM Classic For iPhone And iPad Is $0.99 This Week (Was $4.99)"?Apple Sliced?12/24
  • "NBA JAM For iPad Is Temporarily Available For $0.99 (Normally $4.99)"?Apple Sliced?12/24
  • "Best Buy Offering iPhone 4 Buy One Get One Today Only"?Run Around Tech?12/24
  • " Offers Entry-Level 21.5" iMac For $150 Off"?MacRumors?12/24
  • "PadGadget Daily App Deal ? 21 iPad Apps on Sale"?PadGadget?12/24
  • "Apple MacBook Pro Buyer's Guide -15 Inch Models -Prices Up To $309 Off Current Machines"?MacReviewZone?12/24
  • "2011 Apple iMac Buyer's Guide -21.5 Inch -Up To $250 Off Current Models"?MacReviewZone?12/24
  • "iPod Shuffle Buyer's Guide... New, Closeout, Refurbished, Used And Discounted"?MacReviewZone?12/24
  • "Adobe announces year end deals, save up to 80%"?FairerPlatform?12/24
  • "Defen-G Astro For iPhone Is Free Right Now (Previously $0.99)"?Apple Sliced?12/23
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Deal Brothers Daily Deal: Apple Deals: Order online and Pickup in Store in Time for Christmas

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  • "Find My Friends Review: Location-sharing social networking app is handy and surprisingly fun (friends not included)"?Macworld?12/23
  • "Hands on: five podcast apps that improve on iOS functionality"?Ars Technica?12/23
  • "Scribe, an iPad Text Editor With HTML, Markdown"?Wired?12/23
  • "Wish you Were Here: Postcards on the Run, for the iPhone"?eXtensions?12/23
  • "NCInstaCall For iPhone Lets You Make Phone Calls Directly From Notification Center"?Redmond Pie?12/23
  • "'Home Sheep Home 2' Review - More Teamwork Puzzling Starring Your Ovine Friends"?Touch Arcade?12/23
  • "Consume Review: Consume is your one stop shop for all your accounts and clubs, be they phone, broadband, shopping cards or gaming. Monitor everything with ease, from just one app."?148Apps?12/23
  • "MEGA MAN X Review: The latest game in the classic Mega Man series of action platformers finally makes its way to the iOS platform."?148Apps?12/23
  • "Jurassic Park: Episode 2 Takes A Bite Out Of iPad 2"?148Apps?12/23
  • "M.U.S.E. Review: M.U.S.E. is a third-person shooter with cover elements and arcade-style high scoring."?148Apps?12/23
  • "Area 51 Defense Review: Area 51 Defense might feel like Epic War TD with a new (ish) coat of paint at times, but it can still hold its own... right?"?148Apps?12/23
  • "Word Lubbers Review: A challenging but fun pirate themed word game."?148Apps?12/23
  • "Tweens HD Review: Connect colored pigs in this fast-paced, addictive puzzle game."?148Apps?12/23
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  • "Steve Jobs Failure and the System that produced it"?DailyKos?12/24
  • "iPad customer satisfaction is (surprise!) quite high"?TUAW?12/24
  • "Siri, What Were Your Top 5 Hacks And Mods Of 2011?"?TechCrunch?12/24
  • "iOS, Android reach 55% penetration with US installed base of 109M"?AppleInsider?12/23
  • "Remains of the Day: The future is hazy"?Macworld?12/23
  • "iOS dominates mobile shopping with 92% of market"?AppleInsider?12/23
  • "Steve Jobs riffs on the Library of Congress, education and 'bicycle for our mind"?FairerPlatform?12/23
  • "Steve Jobs Rendered on an Apple IIC (Video)"?MacTrast?12/23
  • "Apple at the retail crossroads: Question now is about growth in the store business"?MarketWatch?12/23
  • "Here's Why The Apple TV Might Be Awesome And Google TV Will Continue To Suck..."?Business Insider?12/23
  • "Mozilla Firefox, Apple: Hot Trends" [Video Report]?TheStreet?12/23
  • "Did Smartphones kill the Point-and-Shoot?"?PCWorld?12/23
  • "The Macalope Daily: The ghost of Apple future"?Macworld [Insider Content]?12/23
  • "How U.S. Carriers Fool You Into Thinking Your iPhone 4S Is Unlocked"?The Motley Fool?12/23
  • "Louis CK makes million, gives it away"?Tech.Blorge?12/23
  • "Programming resources for kids 101"?ZDNet?12/23
  • "No real surprise, Samsung not upgrading Galaxy S to Ice Cream Sandwich"?ZDNet?12/23
  • "Dropbox 2.0: Still the best choice for students?"?ZDNet?12/23
  • "Last Minute Geek Gift Ideas"?Wired?12/23
  • "Top 10 tech shocks of 2011"?V3?12/23
  • "At CES, Everyone's a Keynoter"?Techland?12/23
  • "Make room, internet, there's another 5 million domains to fit in: .com and .de top the charts in Q3 figures"?The Register?12/23
  • "Cheating Spreads Like Infections In Online Mulitplayer Games: If you have friends who cheat, you are more likely to become a cheater, according to computer scientists who say this can be used to label you as a potential cheater"?Technology Review?12/23
  • "Have a White Christmas With Google Maps, YouTube"?PC Magazine?12/23
  • "Best gameplay of 2011" [Video Report]?MSNBC?12/23
  • "10 nightmares traveling with tech -- and how to prevent them"?InfoWorld?12/23
  • "Mozilla's 3 bold bets to keep the Web open: Google's latest agreement with Mozilla will ironically fund three new areas of competition between Google and Mozilla"?InfoWorld?12/23
  • "Why Deus Ex: Human Revolution is My Game of the Year"?Forbes?12/23
  • "BlackBerry Bold 9900: The swan song of a standard/The last BlackBerry using the historic OS adds touch, but otherwise is the BlackBerry you've long known and perhaps loved"?InfoWorld?12/23
  • "Holiday Fun With Personal Collaboration: Use your free time to explore new consumer-driven products--and maybe pick up some valuable IT skills."?InformationWeek?12/23
  • "Is Yahoo Finally Coming Back To Its Long-Lost Senses?"?Forbes?12/23
  • "5 reasons to be optimistic about technology innovation in the year ahead"?ZDNet?12/23
  • "Dear Google: Please, Please, Please Invest More Money In Google Apps..."?Business Insider?12/23
  • "FAQ: So What's Up With These 'White Spaces,' Anyway?"?AllThingsD?12/23
  • "He Sees You When You're Chatting, He Knows When You've Been Tagged [Comic]?Mashable?12/24
  • "Apple iMac Quad-Core i5 Desktop with 21.5' LED Display"?woot!?12/24
  • "If Car Companies Were Run Like Tech Companies ..."?New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required]?12/23
? ?


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