Monday, December 19, 2011

Protesters 'Occupy Birmingham' With Signs, Slogans, Grievances - Birmingham, MI Patch

Birmingham Patch:

More than 50 people from Birmingham and surrounding cities show up at Martha Baldwin Park on Saturday afternoon to protest income inequality, a corrupt federal government and more.

There were dozens of reasons why more than 50 protesters came out to Martha Baldwin Park to participate in Occupy Birmingham, but for longtime Birmingham resident and park trustee Elaine Moore, she was there because of the legacy of one of Birmingham's original activists.

"She was active in almost everything in this town to improve civic life," Moore said of the woman who helped found the Baldwin Public Library and whose name graces the park where the protest -- an offshoot of the larger Occupy Wall Street movement -- took place Saturday afternoon. "Martha lives in this event."

Read the whole story: Birmingham Patch

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