Thursday, July 25, 2013

While we stew, Alex Rodriguez laughs all the way to the bank: Check out's 'Sports Comment of the Day'


Regardless of what happens with MLB's investigation into Alex Rodriguez's connection to the Biogenesis lab in Florida, A-Rod will be laughing all the way to the bank for years to come. (Associated Press)

Another day, another Alex Rodriguez story.

And it's going to be that way until Major League Baseaball cracks down on the Yankee star for being connected to Biogenesis, a Florida lab that produced performance-enhancing drugs.

Word on A-Rod's suspension could come at any time, and when it does it's not going to affect his wealth status as many think he's still entitled to the remaining tens of millions on his contract.

The Yankees, of course, will battle that, but the feeling here is that they have no ground to stand on, unless, of course, something about using PEDs was built into his contract.

In the meantime, while Yankee and baseball fans in general stew, A-Rod is still collecting paychecks.

That has one user, Mike May, quite upset and his remarks are Thursday's "Sports Comment of the Day."

Mike May said:

"Does anybody think he cares ? He's still getting paid tens of millions of dollars, and he's not even working ! What a great job ! PedA-Rod is laughing all the way to his banks."

Do you agree with Mike May, and if MLB suspends A-Rod do you feel the Yankees still have to pay the man? Sound off by leaving a comment below!


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