Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Vibram Shoes, and What I Think of the Fivefinger Barefoot Shoes ...

I own two pairs of Vibram Fivefinger shoes. The first pair was bought in the kangaroo leather "preforma" style, and I soon felt that they were only for indoor workouts. I loved them, and didn't want to wear them out by exposing them to hard outdoor wear.

Vibram Shoes

How I Discovered Vibram Shoes
A post on an exercise site, one which listed this very shoe on the wishlist of the personal trainer who ran the site, made me want a pair for myself. She described the shoes as being super comfortable and great for workouts. The idea of barefoot comfort was compelling.

So I ordered a purple pair, just like the ones I saw in the post. They were so comfortable for yoga and dance workouts that it seemed important to have a pair for outdoor activity. Soon I had my stronger constructed Vibrams.

My feet have been intolerant of poor shoes for a number of years now, so Vibram shoes were a "godsend".

- there are stores that carry Vibrams and they will fit you expertly.

- there are instructions on the Vibram company site


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