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Swedlund takes over as director of Rec Center | The Optimist

By Matthew Sloan
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A year ago, the Money Student Wellness and Recreational Center was the focal point of buzz around campus. But with a new man at the top, the Rec Center may be improving even more this year.

Joel Swedlund will be taking over as the executive director of the Royce and Pam Money Recreation and Wellness Center.

In June, Swedlund left the McGlothlin Campus Center, where he had been helping behind the scenes for years with the Center?s operations.

Although his office has only moved a few buildings away, the impact of this change will be felt throughout the ACU community, especially in Student Life.

The change will add a unique element to the growing connection between the Rec Center and intramural sports. As Kenli Edwards, director for intramural sports said, the students will feel an immediate change in the Rec Center.

?The students might notice a more student-welcomed environment,? Edwards said. ?They might not notice that Joel is now in that role, but they will be able to feel more welcome.?

Though Swedlund will bring fresh energy to Student Life and will attempt to have a positive impact on the indoor sports, he insists that students will not be hindered by the changes at the top.

?Everything will remain the same,? Swendlund said. ?Intramurals does not directly report to this office, though we partner a lot of course. But nothing should change this year from last year. ?

Edwards and Swedlund have to be in constant communication to execute events such as Rec Fest when thousands of students head to the Rec Center looking for a good time.

The Rec Center plays an ever-expanding role in Student Life, hosting basketball, soccer, volleyball and many other sports on the intramural calendar. The Rec Center is a popular hang out spot for members of the ACU community, and the busyness has been enough to keep Swedlund on his toes.

?It is definitely busier because of my change in role,? Swedlund said. ?We are still kind of in transition, looking to add some new personnel. We have changed the staffing model here, so we are trying to work through that.?


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