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Mostly just wondering if anyone else is interested in this Roleplay Idea. I know I've got at least two other people interested in the idea, so I brought it. Doesn't make a good RP of this kind with just three people though.

RP Setup ? Escape from Darkfaire Isle.

Notes: This same exact plot was posted before and worked out great on the site where it was posted. I hope that this goes just as well.

= = = = = =

Umbrella, the leading pharmaceutical company in the world. To the public, it was the leading medical company, with 9 out of every 10 households using their products. This was before truth of the T-virus was released and Umbrella quickly went bankrupt however. Umbrella had back up plans in case of such an event though, having bought out several smaller medical companies, all of which supposedly broke off all public ties to the company. In secret, they continued Umbrella?s work under different names.

One such site is the Darkmoone Medical Center, located on Darkmoone Isle. A large underground bunker was built beneath the island and continued work on the T-Virus as well as a few variations of the virus. This continued on for a few years until someone found out about the work being done. They were dealt with quietly, but not quietly enough and a small investigation was started. It ended poorly, but one person did not like the fact that the case could not be solved and went to work themselves.

Umbrella had attempted to deal with this second threat, but it was soon evident that Darkmoone was no longer safe when the BSAA sent an agent to the island. The choice was then made to turn Darkmoone into a testing ground to see how well their new B.O.W.s were in combat. A plan was quickly set up, cover up story already in the works, and a plan to keep people from coming and going was underway.

= = = = = =

Setting - Darkfaire Isle
Population 9,984 personal, unknown number of pokemon

Basic layout of Darkfaire City

The city itself was built as a mostly circular grid with the residential areas residing on the outer rings of the city and the Umbrella medical facility resting to the south just outside the town. The land bridge lies to the north. The rest of the businesses rested on the inner rings of the city. A small dock rests on east and west sides, but both had been hit rather hard making them unusable having been bombed my Umbrella. The police station and the hospital both reside on the inner most ring of the city with a small park serving as the city?s center. Located in the park is the clock tower. As if planned by Umbrella, when viewed from high up, one can trace the outline of the Umbrella logo by tracing the streets.

To the south end of the island lies the forest, which dominates about 60% of the island. Wind Turbines located along the southern most end of the island also provide the entire island with power and will continue to work, although at reduced levels providing partial power to parts of the island.

A secret Umbrella Lab also exists in the area housing the more powerful B.O.W.s until there are to be released. A large number of bombs have been planted in the base to be used as a cover up which will sink the island. They are set to go off after the tests have been completed 111 hours (4 days 15 hours) after the initial release of the virus at midnight on June 16th. Being an isolated area allows Umbrella the extra time to further study their tests in slightly more detail.

= = = = = =

On June 1st, the island city of Darkfaire was perfectly fine. Life went on as normal.

Over the course of eleven days, canisters of the T Virus were set up and prepped to be released into the city with the AI program in charge of recording the battle that was to follow. A number of more powerful B.O.W.s were also transported into the city in secret to test their performance.

A team for 4 Elite Supervisors were also debriefed on the mission and were to report directly to the AI at the start of this test. They are also in charge of seeing to the AI?s safe passage out of the city once the tests were complete.

Plans for work on the bridges was announced at this time and stated the both bridges need serious work and would be closed for two weeks to repair this problem. Already an isolated island, most people thought that it was a good thing for the bridges to be repaired and didn?t mind being stuck on the island for two weeks.

June 11th?

9:00 AM, June 12th?

The T Virus was released quickly infecting the area. It easily took over with the wild pokemon on the island and the changed pokemon quickly attacked the town. The virus was quick to spread and within hours, the area was quickly over run by those infected, both human and pokemon alike. The bridge once connecting the island to the main land was destroyed via a number of explosives by Umbrella. The purpose was to help contain the virus in the test zone. Both docks were also bombed preventing the use of boats to escape. Umbrella also sabotaged the cell tower on the island working to prevent anyone from calling for help. The AI unit deemed ?Eddie? quickly went to work

7:00 PM, June 12th?

A call for help was sent out and a small team was dispatched by Umbrella. This was mostly used as cover to transport four of their own high ranking Supervisors onto the island with a small band of mercenaries.

This same call was received by the BSAA, or Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. They sent in their own team of 10 high ranking agents to assist in the survival of the city.

9:00 PM, June 12th?

Gun/mutations shops, the police station, and select other areas have become strong holds to repel the ever-growing undead forces. The majority of the area is in ruins. The streets are filled with a number of zombies, crashed cars, and many other such things. Multiple buildings have been hit hard, filled with the undead as well trying to reach survivors. At this time, characters may make their presence known and RP will officially start.

= = = = = =

Various kinds of threats walk the island and the city streets with Zombies just being the common foe. Slow, stupid, and easy to pick off, they pose little threat to those who can think when in small numbers. Larger numbers however will be a problem.

Tyrants, Hunters, Lickers, these uncommon foes and many more also roam the city searching to kill whoever they find. One of the more notable threats would be the 60-foot long giant arbok that developed a unique mutation from the virus growing to a massive size with a hunger for living flesh.

= = = = = =

Your mission on this Island will vary based on your role. Below are the following objectives for three factions.


Darkmoone Residents?
You are survivors, a collection of those who are left after the release of the virus. Having no ties to any organizations with no knowledge of such things even being possible, this can only be described as a nightmare. While various groups are out there, each individual survivor has only one true objective, Survival. How you reach this goal is entirely up to you, you may kill off anyone you see and try to escape completely alone, or you may search for and protect others, then work as a team to escape.

Survivor Primary Objectives are as follows.
? Locate a usable escape route and exit the city.

Survivor Secondary objectives are as follows.
? Kill as many undead as you can.
? Locate new weapons.
? Locate munitions.


BSAA Agents?
Agents of the BSAA, you are here by assigned to the Operation Darkfaire. Above all else, your mission is to rescue as many survivors as possible. We also have proof that there is a lab beneath the island. You are to work your way into this lab and attempt to shut down and copy the A.I. deemed Eddie. While there, you are to keep you?re eyes open for one Dr. Alex Grimm and one Dr. Telina Grey. Both are lead scientists rumored to be on the island along with a new more powerful Anti-virus as well as a list of new possible B.O.W.s to be put into development. Upon completion of this mission, all personal will receive triple pay as well as receive immediate recommendation for recognition. Additional sources place the illegal black-market operative Anubis on the island. If found, you are to attempt live capture by any means. Little is known just how bad the virus had spread throughout the city, be careful.

BSAA team Primary objectives are as follows.
? Locate and protect as many survivors as possible.
? Locate the Hidden Umbrella Lab and attempt to shut down the A.I. program deemed Eddie.

BSAA team Secondary objectives are as follows.
? Attempt to track the rumored Anti-Virus developed on the island.
? Locate one Dr. Alex Grimm, rumored to be stationed on the island and in charge of the current production of the virus.
? Locate one Dr. Telina Grey, rumored to be stationed on the island and in charge of the current research of the anti-virus.
? If possible, locate and copy the data of current B.O.W. designs scheduled for future production by Umbrella.
? Locate one Black Market operative, Code Name Anubis. Attempt a live capture if found.


Umbrella Supervisor?
To the four Supervisors being sent to Darkfaire. Your mission, as usual is to observe the battle and collect the needed battle data to further improve the production of our B.O.W.s. You are to report and protect to the labs A.I. deemed Eddie. Do to technical difficulties, we cannot confirm the escape of Dr. Grimm or Dr Grey. If found, both are to protected and then successfully transported off the island. Following protocols, should you encounter any threats to the test or BSAA agents, you are to terminate them immediately. While unconfirmed, it is suggested that our weapons designer has gotten loose. If found, you are to acquire a test sample after observing his actions and transformation. If deemed a level four or higher threat, terminate him.

Umbrella Supervisor Primary Objectives are as follows.
? Monitor the ensuing battle between the B.O.W.s and other forces.
? Ensure the safety of the A.I. program deemed Eddie.
? Record all data of random mutations suffered by those infected.
? If Dr Alex Grimm and Telina have failed to been evacuated as planned, see to that they make a successful escape.

Umbrella Supervisor Secondary Objectives are as follows.
? Should the need arise, deal with any threats to the test.
? Kill any BSAA operatives you come across.
? Locate and observe Anubis, gather test samples and terminate if deemed too great a threat.



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